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Our names are Todd and BJ Knapp and we've been Sabine's caretakers for the past 18 years. We'd like to tell you a little about this boat that we love so much, so that you might be able to better decide if she's a fit for you. 

Sabine is an Island Trader 41' full-keeled cruising ketch that was built in the Tai Chao shipyard in Formosa (Taiwan). These boats weren't built on assembly lines, they were put together by craftsman that loved their work. Just look below at the hand carved doors and you'll understand how each of these boats is totally unique.


When we found her, she was named "Tara Vana" (Tahitian for "Crazy Man") and she needed a lot of TLC. However, over the past 18 years we've put a lot of love into her. Many hours of paint, sanding, varnish, and mechanical work have resulted in a boat that could take you anywhere your heart desires.

Although she spent many years of her life in the south, Sabine is a boat that is perfect for the Northeast. Like a lot of boats from the Tai Chao yard, she's built like a tank! With her full keel and keel hung rudder, you won't have to worry if you accidentally ground the boat. Didn't see that lobster pot? No worries! That line will run along the bottom of the keel and then pop out the back. Since the shaft and prop are protected, there's no chance of snagging.


At the water line, the fiberglass is almost 2" thick in places, making her as strong a boat as you will find. Over the years, we've opted for larger than needed rigging / furlers / winches so that we never have to worry about load failures. We wanted a boat that was strong and would get us to our destination safely. In that regard, Sabine has never let us down. 

Sabine is looking for the right owners. As an older boat she will have regular maintenance that's needed. Right at the moment, she needs the varnish on her rails attended to. However, if you are willing to put in the love, she will return the favor. Sabine is always the bell of the ball in any anchorage or port. With her long bowsprit, classic lines, and wineglass transom she turns heads everywhere she goes. 

We've loved this boat since the day we saw her tied up in a mooring field in Noank, CT. We picked up the mooring next to her, and for two days we stared at the for-sale sign. 2 months later, we sailed her home. Sabine deserves someone that will love her as much as we do and who craves the adventure and satisfaction that comes from being the custodian of a boat that instantly reminds you that we are all bound to the sea. 

If you think you might be the right fit for Sabine, I hope you'll reach out. The ocean is waiting, and Sabine is ready for her next adventure. 

~Todd & BJ Knapp